Meet New Friends in Japan! Learn Japanese! Exchange Japanese Culture!

World Meets Japan – Making new friends in Japan

Are you in Japan and feeling lonely, lost or friend-less? You shouldn’t feel that anymore. Perhaps you’ve been wondering where to meet new people, make good friends and have fun. The truth is that there are multiple ways of doing that and that will help determine the number of friends that you will have.

Here at UFF, we organize parties and events for foreigners and locals who would like to add a new friend to their lives. This has made it easy for foreigners living in Japan to meet at one place with other foreigners as well as locals willing to interact. Regardless of whoever you are and what you do, UFF Japan is a place worth spending some quality time interacting.

How easy is it to make new friends in Japan?

This is a question that most foreigners usually ask themselves before visiting japan. The truth is it depends with how you look for these friends and where you hang out. If you are a student and love to hang out at the campus then you should be meeting new friends there, but if you aren’t making any then it’s time to look for them at some other place.

Most foreigners prefer to use an international event host to mingle and interact with others. There are many reasons for this including the fact that you get to meet dozens of people at one point. This increases the chance for someone to make friends and also not to feel alone.

Should you choose to attend one of these events, why then not try us? We are among the top international party hosts in Japan attracting hundreds of foreigners and locals willing to share and make new friends. We host parties and events across Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Kansai and will also be expanding to other regions soon. Below is a list of things that you will love by joining UFF Japan.

    • Make International Friends – The main aim of UFF is to bring people together, let them know each other and above all get to befriend each other.
    • Explore the culture of different people- Whether you come from Canada, Africa, Russia or anywhere in the world, UFF is the perfect spot to meet and interact with other people.  
    • Enjoy learning different languages – Ever wanted to learn a new language? With hundreds of people around the world, you stand a chance to learn with others as you teach them your language too.
    • Meeting your life partner – It’s nothing new to hear of someone finding a lover through international parties and events.
    • Taste new foods – If you are a foodie and love to taste and give a try to some new bites then UFF Japan is one of those places you should be. Drinks are also plenty and you get to enjoy a variety of them.
  • Know more about other people’s religions and their way of life.

How is this different from Social Media?

Among some of the questions that pop up from many people is the essence of having an international party event rather than just do it over an online device.

We can all make friends off social media sites, but if you’ve tried that before then you know that it lacks something in it. The physical interaction with another person is much stronger than what social media has to offer. An ambient environment is good to interact and social media lacks that.

Body language, gestures and posture is an important aspect in bonding and this is only possible when there is a face to face interaction. Things like expressing sense of humor, laughter all have different meanings when compared.

It is easy to understand each other better when in personal contact as compared to how it would have been with social media. By way of example, imagine explaining a point to someone on the social media and when doing it through a face to face meeting. Face to face would clearly offer invaluable interaction and reliable interaction as compared to social media.

Talk of being distracted and it happens every time on the social media. Such could lead to loss of focused interaction which would have been good in a one-on-one meeting.

Besides that many people also feel that social media is wildly ineffective and might be as fun as it would have been with a face to face meeting.

What are the Rules to UFF Japan?

We like to make the events fun and exciting for everyone and to do this, we have set some rules that will let us all enjoy every moment.  

    • First up, you need to visit with good faith and promise that you will maintain good relation with other guests. The atmosphere must be conducive for others too, so good conduct from everyone isn’t anything debatable.
    • You should be of at least 20 years of age and have personal identification documents to avoid any misappropriation and
    • No drinks from outside are allowed into the event, unless authorized by UFF Japan staff or organizers.
    • Anything illegal is not allowed in the party. This includes weapons and illicit drugs.
    • There is no specific dress code required to the party.
    • If anyone breaches any of these rules, the person could be held liable for any damages that may arise.  
  • Sale of goods and sorts of other businesses in the party is not allowed.

Final Word:

You don’t have to feel like a foreigner in japan anymore, if at all you ever did. UFF Japan is the best place to be if you are looking for a friend, partner or just want to learn something about a different culture.

While you can meet friends at a local bar, restaurant or attending ceremonies, it may not be as exciting as it is with international parties. You don’t need to understand Japanese to come to one of our parties. UFF Japan is a no-holds barred party which gives everyone the chance to interact and befriend anyone.

So why not jump into our bandwagon and book yourself a ticket to our events?

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international Parties Held in Kansai Area! Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto!

Welcome To UFF Japan

Living in Japan and want to make friends, enjoy sharing and exploring with people from all walks of life around the globe? If adding a new friend and knowing one more things about others is something you have always wanted, then UFF Japan is the place to be. UFF Japan aims to be the biggest and best international party and even host bringing together people from different cultures, languages and backgrounds.

Created with love by social and cultural enthusiasts, we intend to make everyone feel at home away from home by bringing people together with our international parties and events. Regardless of the corner of earth that you come from, you are welcome to share the fun, explore and learn from others around the globe. With FFT, nobody is a stranger or a guest to the other; despite bringing in people who are totally new to each other, we’d love to make it a home for everyone.

Where are UFF Japan Parties held?

We intend to reach out and invite every friendlies around Japan who would love to share their experiences and have fun interacting with others. With the intention of reaching out to as many people as possible, we hope to host more parties in as many cities as we can. Currently you can book to start joining our parties in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Kansai. So if you are around these places reach out today and we’ll connect and tell you more of our upcoming parties and events. You surely won’t regret it.

Who is UFF Japan For?

UFF is for everyone and anyone who wants to mingle, share interact learn and make new friends. Think of it as a converging point where the foreigners and locals get to meet. Whether you are studying, working or touring any of these cities, UFF is a perfect getaway and a lifetime experiences full of fun and friends to meet.

You don’t need to bring anything with you. Just come with an open heart ready to interact, have fun and share lots of things. Lots of people from all over have already shown interest in our international parties and we have no doubt that it will soon become one of the best you can have around.

Why Should I Come to UFF Japan?

Wondering what the rave at UFF Japan is all about? Below are a variety of things that you will experience when you come to UFF Japan.

Enjoy Entertaining Music

They say music is therapy, we say it’s more than just that. Do you love to dance, learn of new moves inspired by different cultures from different places? We are different in the way we do things and it’s for all the good reasons of giving everyone a reason to smile.  UFF Japan is where all music genres from diverse communities converge.

Our DJs are also some of the friendliest, social and culture lovers that you will ever come across. They know what sooths the soul and what blends in at what time. When it comes to music, be ready for big surprises and tunes that will go a long way.

Find Romance

Making friends at UFF is a must. There are lots of people drawn to our parties. Besides that, if you want to interact and move to another level, there are no limits.

If romance is all you seek, then maybe UFF is where you get to meet the one you were meant for. We’ve all seen total strangers become life partners and this could as well be that great moment for you. It could be your chance to mingle, make friends and meet that dream partner that has been missing in your life.

Interact with people speaking different languages

If you are someone who loves to learn and explore a different language then UFF Japan is the place to be. And it doesn’t matter whether you know just a single Japanese word or not, you are all welcome to share and teach others a word in your language and do much more.

Everyone else who comes to UFF Japan is excited to learn from you, so come join the fun and know that everyone is as excited as you are.

Exchanging Culture

If you have been in Japan for a while then you may have learned a little history and some cultural practices. However, there is a good chance that you haven’t explored every culture out there. So it could be your best chance to get to learn more and also get to share something special and unique with other people.

On top of that it’s not just about Japanese culture; it’s an international culture affair where many different people meet and share. So be ready to be amazed by some of the cultures and traditions that you’ve never seen or heard before.

Variety of Foods and Delicacies to Enjoy

Do you love to taste new delicacies and enjoy a variety of new foods? Well, we aren’t left behind when it comes to that. It’s amazing for us to see people enjoy different foods including those that they have never tasted before. We sample some of the greatest foods and also let you be part of the food selection. So if you have ideas on some delicacies or want us to enjoy some unique eateries, you are welcome to make your suggestions. We believe this is what makes it different and unique than most of the parties out there.

Ready to Come Join the Fun?

If there is an eventful party that you should never miss on, it has to be UFF Japan, a place where international culture, languages and socializing is fun. Be sure to get in touch and we can make include you in our upcoming party.

We also would like to hear from you even if you are outside of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Kansai. So just reach out and say hi. We may be having something special around you soon.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about UFF Japan. The larger the party, the more exciting it is. So go ahead and invite them.

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